Experiences by the Kids, Rafting Day 2

Rafting Day 2   Clay:   Okay, so 5 minutes after I finished the last blog post I learned we wouldn’t go on the hike because of the weather. So we just relaxed and went zip-lining for the rest of the day. Today, we went white water rafting again, and it was even more fun this time since it was longer! We also went swimming/drifting and met Tom’s dog, LeBron! We also said good-bye to Tom. I’m  gonna  miss having his humor around, but it’ll be nice having some piece and quiet. See you all soon!  Quincy : Hola  Mommy, Hey Dad. Today was a great day we went white water rafting and it was fu n. The river was 18 miles long and it takes about threes hours to finish. The river had many different class rapids he crossed level 2,3, and 4 rapids. I didn’t fall the raft at all but when I did fall out it was because someone pushed me out or I had the chance to swim in the calm zone. It took us 2 hours and 57 minutes to finish and I’ll tell the both of you more about when I see you again. Love you bo

Experiences by the Kids, Day 6 Rafting and Tarzan Swimg

Day 6 Rafting and Tarzan Swing   Bella: So yesterday we drove to the Pacuare Outdoor Center! When we arrived there was a truck waiting for us to take us slowly down a long winding trail to rafting. Once we got down the trail there was two rafts. One was flipped over and had our lunch set up on it. I had half of a cheese and cucumber  sandwich . I thought I would hate rafting but I actually had a lot of fun! We splashed water on the other boat and it was hilari ous. After that we went on the T arzan swing which was terrifying! You dropped for about a second and for once I actually screamed! We then hung out at the center and played cards. I will talk to you soon, Love you!    James  Hi mom and dad. We rent rafting and it was my first time. I was in a boat with Miss Picard, Miss  Pelkey , Quincy, Walker and one of our tour guides. So far that was my favorite day of the trip. Also where staying in this cool semi outdoor place and it’s really nice. Right now as I’m writing there are only a

Experiences by Kids, Beach Patrol

Beach Patrol   Mr. Sailor aka George  At about 9: 45 pm last  night,  we set out for our Sea Turtle Beach Patrol.  As a group we were not sure what to expect or what we might encounter.  We met our guides named David and Fernando at the Cahuita Turtle Rescue.  We learned about the organization ’ s beginning and purpose.  We had a chance to see where the baby turtles are housed until they hatch and then we set out on the patrol.   We were searching for Leatherback Turtles which may be as large as 4-feet in diameter and may lay up to 80 eggs at a time.  These turtles may be from Florida or throughout Central America and will only lay eggs at night.  As a result, there is a need to protect these turtle eggs from poachers who sell them as an aphrodisiac despite this being against the law in some areas of Costa Rica and can land a poacher in jail for 3-5 years.   We walked just over 6 MILES along the beach.   We did not encounter any turtles but we learned a great deal.  We finished wet, ti

Experiences By the Kids Day 6, Chocolate, Surfing and Ready for Turtles

Quincy:  Hey Ma, Hey Dad. Today was a great day filled with water. We first went to a  cocao  farm where we saw many things and I took great pictures we also made chocolate not the ones in the store it was bitter but it was ok. After that we went swimming in a waterfall and it was great. I got  Weeeettt  and just sent it when I was there I had a great time swimming near the waterfall and in the fresh and nice temperature water. After that we went surfing and that’s where things didn’t go so well I feel off the board many times but I didn’t quite and actually rode one wave. Even though surfing  icent  my sport we both know it’s football and basketball I had a lot of fun. We then had lunch and walked around the town and came back to our hotel and just showered and got ready because tonight where watching sea turtles and walking along the beach. I love you guys and I’ll talk to you later.     Jake:  Hola  mom,  hola  dad, today we participated in a variety of water activities. Those inclu

Surf sup...!!!

The kids just ridding great waves at Puerto Viejo, the Caribbean side of Costa Rica

Experiences By the Kids Day 5, Caribe of Costa Rica

Day 5:  Travel to the Caribbean and Dinner at Veronica’s   Bella:  Sup fam! Yesterday we drove to the Caribbean coast! It is super pretty so I can’t wait to go snorkeling and surfing today! So the hotel we are staying at has everyone separated into houses, yes, houses. I am in a house with Ms. Picard and Ms. Pelkie. It is very nice and guess what dad, there is a hanging chair on our porch. On another note, it rained all night and it is still raining now! I think it was the white noise that made me sleep so well. I just hope the rain will let up for our activities today! I really  hope we see a sea turtle in its natural habitat and when I see it… or… sea it… ; ) I will select a proper name for it! I will tell you more about it later, Love UUUUUUU!!!   James : Hi mom and dad, it was pretty clear there was a lot of traveling this day. So during this time some of us where singing songs, and I played a few card games. When we did get to the hotel, we got to go into a swimming whole and that

Adventures at the Caribbean’s Side of Costa Rica